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Not My Church?

I have been reading lately Dr. Jacob Jocz’s detailed account of the treatment of Jews in Christian Europe since Constantine and until the French Revolution (short summary: bad). I admire Dr. Jocz’s excellent scholarship and willingness to hold an honest … Continue reading

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A New Orthodox Saint

The Orthodox Church recently canonized Alexander Schmorell, who was killed by the Nazis for his opposition to their ideology and specifically to the Holocaust. Here are Jim Forest’s accounts of the canonization and of the man himself: A passage written … Continue reading

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Dubner vs. Dubner

I have mentioned Stephen Dubner’s Turbulent Souls in a few posts already; now it’s finally time for a real review. Most of you are probably familiar with Dubner as the co-author of Freakonomics, the quintessential popular economics book turned blog … Continue reading

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There has been abundant discussion of Christian anti-Semitism on this blog, its causes and its destructive impact not only on Jews, whether Christian or not, but also on the Church itself. But recently I was perhaps not so much surprised … Continue reading

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