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Support A Hebrew Priest in Jerusalem

Some people serve as an encouragement in faith through their sheer presence and daily life. Often they are alone in having the courage, aptitude, and privilege of being called to bring the light of Christ at a particular place and time. … Continue reading

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Need We Be Separate?

One time, I went to church wearing a cross and a star of David on the same chain around my neck. A fellow parishioner – a Russian, of course – hurried over to inquire whether I had asked the priest’s … Continue reading

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Matins of Great and Holy Friday

Christ is risen! Holy Week has resolved gloriously in Pascha and Pascha is gracefully settling into Bright Week. I’m nursing that funny feeling of emptiness I get every year at this time: the Resurrection is so incredible, and the celebration surrounding it so rich, that it feels almost impossible … Continue reading

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Bridegroom Matins

This week, as we anticipate the Passion and Resurrection of our Lord, I’ll stick to reflections on the abundantly rich Holy Week services. The period from Christ’s raising of Lazarus in Bethany, which we marked on Saturday, to His cruficixion and Resurrection is a … Continue reading

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What Kind of Hebrew Catholic (Orthodox? Christian?) Are You?

To those of you/us wondering – now that we have been talking about how it is possible to be a Christian without rejecting one’s Jewish background, what does that look like in practice? – here’s the beginning of an answer … Continue reading

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Standing Up To The Great Schism, The Great Divide, and the Great Divorce

Just because I’m thinking about this today, I’ll take a detour for a couple of days from the Israel theme. Some of the below might be (or might not be?) controversial to both Jews and Orthodox Christians, and perhaps some Catholics … Continue reading

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WordPress seems to be putting “recommended posts” at the bottom of the page. Just FYI for readers – these posts are not recommended by me, so I take no responsibility for their content… have to figure out how to make … Continue reading

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