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I was born in Soviet Russia and grew up in Israel. I was baptized Orthodox Christian in 2006. Today my husband and I live in Northern Virginia. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!

From Enemy to Brother II: The Converts

The background of the German Catholic church, which I outlined in the previous post, is critical to understanding just how far the leaders of the Church had to come between the Holocaust and the Second Vatican Council. Indeed, the question … Continue reading

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From Enemy to Brother I: German Catholics and Nazis

This post will be the first in a three-part review of John Connelly’s book, From Enemy to Brother. The book is as controversial as it is enlightening, and I have no doubt that many Catholic scholars present a very different … Continue reading

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A Song of Praise

I have written here before about Philip Rosenbaum, an Eastern Catholic author who also happens to be of a Jewish background. When he is not writing on family and spirituality, Rosenbaum is creating poetry. He has taken up the classic form of the sonnet, … Continue reading

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Do This In Memory Of Me

More this week from Richard Calderon: ‘MEMORIALS IN THE SIGHT OF GOD’ – ANAMNESIS  The God of Israel is intensely interested in His children, and like all parents He loves to remember milestones in their moral growth, be these moments … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Words of Blessing

Today I would like to share with you the work of a fellow parishioner, Richard Calderon. Richard is studying the Hebrew and other early origins of the Catholic liturgy. Below are some of his findings. BERAKAH – EUCHARIST / EULOGY … Continue reading

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Those of you reading this blog regularly know that Orthodox-Catholic ecumenism is my other big interest. A good article on that topic by Father Laurent Cleenewerck, courtesy of Orthocath blog.

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Eery Reminders of Evils Past

Is Germany sure – I mean, are they really sure – that it has learned its lesson about racial superiority and anti-Semitism? This most recent ruling by a German judge suggests that many Germans might be ready for a re-play … Continue reading

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