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I must confess that I am too tired, after a month-long get-married-and-meet-work-deadline extravaganza, to have much that is coherent to say this week. Apologies. In the meantime, just wanted to recommend to your attention this rather unrelated but wonderful post … Continue reading

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Calling All Readers

In light of this blog’s six-month anniversary, I’d like to announce a call for papers (or guest blog posts, or e-mails, or questions/comments, or anything else you’ve got). A major reason that the Jewish community is contemptuous and afraid of … Continue reading

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Unchosen Loyalties

Apologies to those of you who’ve been checking the blog for a sudden disappearance over the last two weeks – I have been captured by a monster known as Work Deadline and chained to my office computer, but now it … Continue reading

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Ecumenism as Household Decoration

I was looking at our prayer corner the other day, and realized that we hadn’t even planned this particular mix of Jewish-Catholic-Orthodox religious imagery…

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Down with Easter

Speaking of unification of the date of Easter, my husband and I have been trying to figure out how we will celebrate Easter this year. For the first time in our two-year relationship, the dates of Catholic and Orthodox Easter … Continue reading

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A Jewish-Arab Mission?

Several years ago I had the opportunity to meet Myrna Nazzour, recipient of the only known apparition of the Virgin Mary in which the Virgin spoke Arabic – and spoke it in order to convey her desire for unity between … Continue reading

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P.S. Wedding

Should have thought of this at the time of writing the previous post, but better late than never: If you have a story – which I know many of you do, your own or someone else’s – about a Christian … Continue reading

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How To Plan A Russian-Christian-Jewish Wedding

We just returned from a delightful honeymoon in South Carolina, rested and a little tan, and feeling incredibly blessed by God’s goodness to us. Besides all the usual things that are wonderful about weddings and honeymoons – the love of … Continue reading

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