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Neither Jew – Nor Greek

Whenever Christian Jews get together and start talking about how great it is to be Christian Jews – or when they get together and start talking about how painful it is to be Christian Jews – someone will inevitably pipe … Continue reading

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Another Israeli Orthodox Church

Sometime ago I posted about Fr. Alexander Winogradsky, who heads a Hebrew-speaking Orthodox Christian congregation  in the old city of Jerusalem. I just came across this article about a somewhat different – but, it sounds like, also Hebrew-speaking – Orthodox community … Continue reading

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Fool’s Errand?

The other day a snarky someone sought to remind me that all my blogging about the Jews is not going to make my mother one inch happier with my conversion. I was upset at that person for over a day, and for good reason: they were absolutely … Continue reading

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Leviticus: Resurrection Unto Cleanliness

I’ll shift gears away from marriage momentarily (pardon the short attention span) to focus on one that is even more fundamental: the nexus of the Jewish and Christian understandings of death and resurrection. As noted in the previous post, in the Resurrection … Continue reading

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Blog is Back! And So Is Marriage

Having made some progress on organizing my wedding, it is clearly time to start organizing yet again my thoughts about marriage – the marriage of Israel. I’ve been reading a highly useful book (that is, for those geeks among us who … Continue reading

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