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No More Baptisms!

The post on Judaizing from earlier this week generated lively discussion, and the theme will certainly be continued. While I am putting together further thoughts on the topic, I wanted to share my most exciting new insight for the week … Continue reading

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Heresy: Jewish and Pagan

After putting together the outline of a history of Jewish converts in the Orthodox Church that I had posted here earlier, there appeared to me to be a peculiar common element to the Church’s dealings with Jews throughout history – … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Jewish Conversion

As I noted here a few days ago, at our church’s adult education class on Wednesday I got to talk about Jews in the Orthodox Church, putting together a cursory and somewhat arbitrary history (arbitrary in that, for example, Byzantium … Continue reading

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Is Religion the Cause of War?

My mother and I have been having this argument lately. Given the apparent importance of this issue in a society increasingly divided between secular pluralism and religious conviction, I was not too surprised to encounter the same exact argument being … Continue reading

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Father Bernstein Finds the Jews

I have been re-reading the memoir by the Orthodox priest Father James Bernstein (whom many of you have mentioned in recent comments), Surprised by Christ. Father Bernstein’s book is an intellectual autobiography, focused primarily on the considerations and arguments that … Continue reading

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Founded in God

Nativity and New Year greetings! I hope everyone had a restful holiday, if not a prayerful one (we failed on that front). Apologies for my temporary disappearance due to holiday travel. I will do my best to keep up with … Continue reading

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