About the artwork: The background and header are fragments of an Eastern Catholic icon of St. Edith Stein, painted by John Reves.

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  1. Joe Butta says:

    Kindly review my blog at the website above. I believe you’ll enjoy it. Blessings in Messiah Yeshua, Joe

  2. Shalom in Yeshua ADMOR and Miriam KalKadoshah,
    Not to exacerbate the above disclaimer’s posit on the Judaic Christian predicament,
    I would yet appreciate to what extent should a Jewish believer – whether an Eastern Orthodox Jew,
    Hebrew Catholic or Messianic Evangelical – observe Shabbat?
    If in the first two cases Adonat is the presupposed Lord’s Day for worship,how may Shabbes
    be hallowed seeing that Messiah is Lord of the Sabbath?

  3. Sozon Y. says:

    As with Kashrus so with Shabbes.We observe as we abstain:Romans Ch:14-15.

  4. Katriel Alon says:

    Sinai and Carmel meet at Thabor!

  5. Tom Conway says:

    Enjoyed your article in today’s NRO. However, you may need to get the many anti-men women’s groups on your side, they definitely are responsible for the lack of female understanding when it comes to family mores today.

  6. Mark Kemp says:

    I thought it was very thought-provoking. One additional point. You write that “the patriarchs address women’s need for stability and physical protection, while the matriarchs satisfy male desire for commitment-free sex with multiple partners.” But today, with women achieving at higher levels than men, isn’t it just more than “male desire for commitment-free sex with multiple partners” that is at issue? Isn’t it also stability? If so, that is what is truly revolutionary about this recent shift – in amny cases, women are replacing men as breadwinners and now often control more access to economic resources than do men. Food for thought. All the best.

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