Fool’s Errand?

The other day a snarky someone sought to remind me that all my blogging about the Jews is not going to make my mother one inch happier with my conversion. I was upset at that person for over a day, and for good reason: they were absolutely right. 

I can’t deny that at least part of my motivation for writing here is, indeed, the hope that perhaps by thinking about all this I’ll finally figure out how to talk to my parents. I stand by that hope, even if it doesn’t quite line up with “realistic” expectations. I also suspect, which may or may not be presumptuous of me, that God shares in my hope.

Besides the obvious desire for acceptance and family peace, that hope has its origin in the deeper hope that when the Bridegroom returns, the “wife of his youth” -Israel – will be awaiting Him, along with all who have been grafted into her through Christ. The conversion of some Jews, the greater opennes and compassion of others, and the willingness by those Jews who have converted to remain sufficiently connected to their heritage so as to understand the promises given to their nation – all these are essential for that hope to be fulfilled.

About The Groom's Family

I was born in Soviet Russia and grew up in Israel. I was baptized Orthodox Christian in 2006. Today my husband and I live in Northern Virginia. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!
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3 Responses to Fool’s Errand?

  1. melxiopp says:

    One can never know, of course, but she’ll be doubly up set if she assumes all sorts of ‘bad’ reasons for conversion because you were unable to enunciate the ‘good’ reasons. Christians are commanded to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear (I Peter 3:15). Unfortunately, many are unable to give an answer at all, most forget to do so in meekness and fear. It’s also easy to forget that being ready with an answer assumes someone asked a question – too often we want to thrust our thoughts and reasons onto others unasked for, which is really just our own insecurities goading us to ‘sell, sell, sell’. Giving good arguments is also a ‘safer’ option than living and acting like a Christian, their easier than the kind of holiness that draws interest and questions, hearts and souls.

  2. Dror says:

    Shalom Katie,
    I’m seeking an english-language publication/translation of the life and work of Rabbi Yitzhak M.of Jannina(c: late 19th-early 20th C.) Orthodox missionary to Japan.I believe he served with St.Nicholas of Yokahama? I know that following their baptism he and associate Rabbi Shmuel,along with their rebbetzins Rivkah and Rochel were received at Constantinople by the then Oecumenical Father and confirmed in their apostolate to the “Ex Ioudaion Ekklesian”.Having gained full Patriarchal recognition for the Hebraic Divine Liturgy as well the exercise of choice in the matter of kashrut observance,this small party was instrumental in the reestablishing of Judaic 0rthodox Christianity in Europe prior to Rav Yitzhak/Fr John’s departure for the Far East.

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