Ecumenism as Household Decoration

I was looking at our prayer corner the other day, and realized that we hadn’t even planned this particular mix of Jewish-Catholic-Orthodox religious imagery…


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I was born in Soviet Russia and grew up in Israel. I was baptized Orthodox Christian in 2006. Today my husband and I live in Northern Virginia. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!
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9 Responses to Ecumenism as Household Decoration

  1. Dror says:

    Re above “Ecu-deco” how about a tzelem/icon of St Alexander Jacobson?

  2. Dror,

    Don’t think I’ve heard of St. Alexander Jacobson – what’s the story?

    • dror says:

      Jewish Martyr of the Orthodox Church.Incarcerated in the former Solovki Monastery Russia, by the communists.Feast Day:September 8.For detailed hagiography see official Church sites.
      Kol ha Kavod!

  3. Dror says:


    Other Saints of Jewish parentage are the illustrious Romanos the Melodist,Meliton of Sardis, and Epiphanius of Salamis inter alia.

  4. Eleazar says:

    Reading Moshe Barasch’s “Icon”,one readily appreciates how Jewish the concept of “Tzelem” is;-the point where idolatry ends and theology begins in fact.
    How indeed,only the Jew,knowing that the figurative image before him is a representation of the Infinite,was first to promote this truth to his own…and by degrees,to the world.

  5. Eleazar says:

    “The Three Crowns” that is the Shin-Tzelem of The Holy Trinity which appears on our mezuzoth
    is none other than the three finger sign of the Cross made by the Orthodox.

  6. Eleazar says:

    Plus Addendum,
    The thrice-Jahwehic benediction of the Aaronic priestly blessing recited during these ‘days of awe’,brings to bear the indivisibility of God Triune.’Father Son and Holy Spirit,Trinity-One in essence and inseperable’ to quote the Confession Hymn of the Divine Liturgy.’Ekhad yachid u meyuchad'(‘One single and Unique’).

  7. dror says:

    Discovered on this Feast of St.Romanos-Chazan,another Tzelav v Lulav (Cross and Palm) Martyr of the Church of Sion,recently commemorated:19th. September: + Saint Shabbatai.

  8. Romanós says:

    Yes, Romanos the Melodist, the Jewish Orthodox hymnographer of Beirut, is my beloved nameday saint. Thanks, Dror, for reminding us of him and of the many other Jewish Orthodox martyrs.

    The living God is too alive to be mathematically one, but His oneness is so absolute that even His being in Holy Triad (Aghia Trias, in Greek) does not negate or even diminish His oneness. His oneness is beyond the oneness of human imagination; we cannot even conceive of how One He is, that is, until we ourselves, by théosis, are received into that Society of persons in the Divine Nature. Our earthly lives are a constant progression into that Uncreated Light. Paradise, which exists now as ever, cannot admit us as we are in our fallen state, because it does not recognize us as gods in God. When we cross the threshold of théosis, we will enter Paradise, because it will know that a King or Queen has come. All the Tehillim are songs by, of and for the King, the Royal Priesthood of the Sons and Daughters of the Most-High.

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