Support A Hebrew Priest in Jerusalem

Some people serve as an encouragement in faith through their sheer presence and daily life. Often they are alone in having the courage, aptitude, and privilege of being called to bring the light of Christ at a particular place and time.

One such “fisher of men” is Father Alexander Winogradsky, an Orthodox priest serving  a small community of mostly Jewish believers in the Old City of Jerusalem. I have had the good luck and pleasure of meeting Father Alexander several times through one of his spiritual children. He serves liturgy in Hebrew, though his tremendous linguistic abilities and repertoire of languages enable him to incorporate several other spoken languages for the benefit of those who come to worship with him. To learn about Father Alexander’s fascinating biography and his thoughts on the Hebrew-speaking mission in Israel, check out articles in the Spring 2005 (pp. 24-25) and Fall 2007 (p. 8-9) issues of the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) magazine.

Father Alexander’s solitary mission of presence and leadership among the non-Arab Israeli Orthodox  community is challenging and deserving of support. If you feel called to join me in making a contribution to Father Alexander’s mission, please do so through the OCMC. If you mail your donations, please designate them for Jerusalem Ministry or Winogradsky/Jerusalem Ministry. If you prefer to donate through the website or to set up automatic donations, contact the OCMC to make sure the donations are directed to Father Alexander.


About The Groom's Family

I was born in Soviet Russia and grew up in Israel. I was baptized Orthodox Christian in 2006. Today my husband and I live in Northern Virginia. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!
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