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Throughout much of European history, Gentile Christians treated Jews much like the Jews had treated Jesus. In doing so, I believe that have themselves rejected Christ. Like a bride thinking, mistakenly, that she can love her husband without being nice to her in-laws, in persecuting the family of the Bridegroom the Church has offended Himself. 

A recent comment exchange got me thinking more about the grafting of the Gentile Church into the Jewish Church – the adoption, perhaps alluded to in the Gospels as the raising of new sons of Abraham from stones (Matthew 3:9 or Luke 3:8).

What would it mean for Christians to see themselves as grafted into the Jewish people – especially, as the commenter pointed out, given that so many Jews today are unbelievers? The unbelievers may be dry branches on the tree into which a new shoot has been grafted. But since the drying branches are close to the root, they won’t dry up fully – they will remain alive just as long as the newer branches on top. The new branches are nourished by the root, and in turn must nourish the rest of the tree – including those lower branches – by bearing leaves and fruit.


About The Groom's Family

I was born in Soviet Russia and grew up in Israel. I was baptized Orthodox Christian in 2006. Today my husband and I live in Northern Virginia. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!
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