David Moss on Jewish Identity

Keeping it short today – in this interview (albeit it’s as old as 2002), David Moss, head of the Association of Hebrew Catholics, offers a good description of the “Jewish problem” in the church:

“The problem of Jewish identity may briefly be described as follows. When a Jew enters the Church, he enters into a community and culture that has become sociologically, for want of a better word, Gentile. The term Gentile refers to the non-Israelite peoples of the world.

Consequently, the Jewish convert is separated from his people, his culture and his heritage. Then, through assimilation to the prevailing culture, his offspring are no longer considered part of the People Israel.

Most importantly, the corporate vocation given to the People Israel can no longer be fulfilled, either in the convert or in his offspring. This is the case because, since the 3rd or 4th century, the People Israel have not had a corporate presence in the Church. Thus, in the Jews that enter the Church, the People terminate.”

 The AHC website overall is very much worth exploring.


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4 Responses to David Moss on Jewish Identity

  1. Diana says:

    What’s a corporate presence? Dare I ask what Jews owning shares in *any* church would lead to, or ask you why the *heck* you would want that? 😉

  2. Diana,

    LOL! A “corporate presence” means that Jews are present in the church as a people (or a segment of a people), a group that has a shared identity in addition to Christianity, rather than a collection of individuals, unrelated to each other or to their own background, who all happen to end up in the Church.

  3. But to your question of what Jews owning shares in a church would lead to – I can imagine any number of wonderful things… maybe we’d get better management? 🙂

  4. Diana says:

    ha! be careful what you wish for my unsuspecting friend…

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